Monday, April 23, 2012

To laugh or cry

We've all heard it said
Raising a teen is hard work

How did the little darlings
Turn into another species
When did it happen
Why did it happen

and is it irreversible?

To laugh or to cry?
Maybe one day down the road
we'll look on this time
laugh and say
"remember when?"

But for now
it's that old one day at a time thing
Make the best of it when it's good
And try to not take it personally when it's bad
It's a good thing parental love is what it is
But i have to say


  1. LOL I hear you loud and clear, with today's changing world it can be challenging for not only the parents, but for the youth as well. Amen to one day at a time... and try not to eat your child, some day they in turn will have their own teenagers and that's all the revenge we need! ;-)

    Have a wonderful day Joyce... or try to.