Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enough already!

As I sit here with my coffee and a bowl of grapes its snowing outside.
I really do think that Mother Nature has to show Old Man Winter
who wears the pants in the family
She has indulged him long enough and its time to stop.
I realize its only the end of January
and spring is still almost three months away
and yes, I chose to live here
and yes, I love living here
and yes, I do enjoy the snow
and yes, we do have beautiful winters
but when I step off the shovelled pathways to the shed, the wood shed, the garage, the garbage shed
(or lose my balance, because those pathways are getting narrower and narrower)
and step into snow past my knee-high boots, past my knees for that matter
I say enough.
Monty has to step off the pathways
where he is not allowed to poop (though sometimes does anyways)
and tries to crouch high enough in the deep snow so that there is a bit of space left between him and the ground or risk a poopy butt. (great mental image eh?)
I think even he says enough
In the last two days my husband and I have accumulated
a total of 6 hours shovelling.
Six hours out of our lives that will never come back.
The snow banks are higher than me in places.
He says enough.
The days are getting longer
Sunset this evening is at 5:03 precisely
by the time the longest day comes around all this snow will be gone.
But where will it go?
The irony is that we have to hope for a slow melt and a late spring
because it's going to be a muddy mess
That goes without saying
We have four seasons here, green, yellow, white and brown.
But this year's brown season is going to last forever.

So Old Man Winter, stop sticking your tongue out and saying "Nyah, nyah you can't get me"
We say enough.
(old man winter picture is not mine and was found on Yahoo Images linked to this blog)


  1. I'd trade. Yesterday we had 65 degrees (We're not in Texas either.) and today it's 30 with a windchill of 10. It's been up and down like this all winter, but no snow. Bummer! Weird weather this year in Missouri.

  2. Here I thought that you were living in the banana belt (IE BC). Guess that is farther west. In the meantime, enjoy the maple syrup, the fantastic snow, and ignore the mud to be.

    By the way, your cousin wimped out of the snowball fight, so I guess North America (Canada) won! :-}

  3. That's an incredible amount of snow. Great pictures of your dog.

  4. Great photos! (We need the moisture! We've had a bit, but not enough!)

  5. Yikes! First of all, he is adorable, Sweet Monty! Love every photo. We had snow here today, really the first big dump but nothing like yours. Hang on -- I say the same thing -- If I don't want the winter, move somewhere else. Of course, we don't get it as hard as you do -- but still...! And no one can deny that it's beautiful!