Thursday, January 24, 2013

When opportunity knocks.....

       Don't ask questions.  Just bask in it. 
I dumped out my yarn bin
with the intention of finding yarns suitable to make Barbie doll clothes for my great-niece.
I went to do something in another room and when I came back I saw Monty had found a nice soft spot.  I couldn't disturb him looking so sweet, so the yarn had to wait until he got up.
After all, we are told to let sleeping dogs lie.


  1. Nap when you can, where you can, anytime you can!

  2. Ha ha - I guess you'd call that a yarn smart dog instead of a darn smart dog !

  3. Seriously, Joyce, these are the cutest dog photos EVER and you are the BEST to let Monty finish out his nap. Thanks for coming back to my blog. Nice of you.

  4. Heelllowwww. said in a soft voice. I'm gladd you'd let him finish his nap. It's tempting not to lay myself next to him and cuddle....sigh.
    Great shots.
    Hugs Dagmar