Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunset Sunday

"The sacred lamp of day
Now dipt in western clouds
His parting day"
                                                       William Falconer


  1. Thanks for intercepting the snow before it got over the mountains! We have enough.

  2. Just beautiful! No other word fits!

  3. Holy S..t (not a word your mom would like ;-) But gal these pictures are breathtaking. What are you whining about when it comes to 'only others take good shots'? Geeez Joyce #2 is my fav. That moon up in the sky and those colors.
    Pluleaseeeessss send it over to me so I can print it.
    Thanks for sharing the view I miss so much. my heart is still there. Hugs Dagmar

  4. This really is so beautiful -- Sometimes sunsets just make me gasp. Thanks for sharing these.