Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty & The Beast

We can never be sure that winter is actually and truly over until we see the first hummingbird. Which I saw on saturday, hovering by the window where I hang the feeder every year (but where in the world did I put that thing last fall after I cleaned it??). The hummingbirds can be trusted to know that spring has arrived, but, unfortunately, so can the mosquitoes. The very day I saw the hummingbird, I also saw the first mosquito. And we don't just have little annoying flying insects that you can swat away with ease, we have "Cariboo Mosquitoes", which are almost a subspecies in themselves. They are vicious carnivores, who have no qualms about taking a hunk out of whatever tinitest bit flesh you leave unprotected. And as we live in a rural, heavily forested area, they outnumber humans by about 1,000 to 1! Time to stock up on "Deep Forest Off", what a lovely fragrance!


  1. those are great photos!

  2. Oh Joyce, I remember so clearly all those nasty little creatures. Do you remember when I was bitten 23 big times in my left leg, it was so swollen I needed to see a doctor (that was in Jasper) and after that we came to your place? Man I was so swollen and sick. So happy spring to you! I miss the hummingbirds but don't one bit the mosquitoes! Find that feeder. I always love to see the birds from your window.

  3. Hummingbird -- mosquito. Good with bad, I guess. But oh, I'm not looking forward to the mosqito's impending appearance here in Michigan!