Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Signs of Spring in the Cariboo

I had a wonderful long weekend....no work for 3 days..Yay! Cold and cloudy..Bah! No rain..Yay! Hammered my thumb..Bah! Got lots of yardwork done..Yay! Didn't get an ounce of housework done..Yay or bah, depending on your point of view!

Here are some images of what spring in my yard looks like...

Spring flowers blooming,

Leaves beginning to show (mmmmmnnnn, rhubarb!!)

Signs of yard work being done

Wild flowers, birds, & butterflies (The butterfly picture I can't take credit for)

Freshly cut grass and an almost empty woodpile (yes, our source of heat is wood)

And the promise of more beauty to come.


  1. Yeahaa great you're back again. Thanks for all the pics finally I can see your place again. I missed it so much this year (I'm still aching). Love how you let us see what you've done, but were's the picture of your tumb? AUW. Sorry couldn't resist it. Kick my ass when I'm back. Love you big time. Miss you more.

  2. I enjoy the process. Keep us updated as things green and bloom and grow. Lovely!

  3. doesnt your heart sing to see the new flowers coming out?