Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tug of War

Sometimes its easy. Sometimes its not so easy. Sometimes its hard. Sometimes its almost too hard. One day it will be too hard.


  1. beautiful photos with emotions and heart screaming to be seen....beautiful !

    {and yes...I read all my comments and most often reply to them !!}

  2. Joyce:
    I am like Beth and read all my comments and respond to most. I would be honored to have you as a follower. I look forward to 'hearing' your voice often over at Your Mother Knows..Thank you for following me over from Beth, who has, I believe one of the best eyes and voices in Blog Land!

  3. HI Joyce! Thanks for visiting me. I'm glad you did, so I could follow you here and find a new blogger to get to know better :)

  4. Dear cousin, great to see you've found your way in blogland. It so much fun isn't. Make new friends, meet new people all over the world. How is Jeremy doing? Love and miss you lots.
    I do worry though about the pics. Are you okay? Keep me posted

  5. Hello, Joyce,

    Thank you for visiting The Marmelade Gypsy and for your kind comments. I see by reading through your blog that you, too, have recently experienced the great concern of a parent whose child is badly hurt. I am grateful that the worst didn't happen, that he will recover, but remain concerned for you both, knowing that recovery is challenging and loving and helping and being there can also take a toll on you.

    I wish you and your family peace, healing and ultimately joy on this journey. And I will look forward to returning again to see more of your beautiful photography and read your poetry as well.