Tuesday, May 26, 2009

40 - Half Over or Half Begun?

Today I am 40. I don't quite like it.

40 rings on a tree is not alot
But 40 candles on a cake will melt the icing

40 yellow tulips are stunning
40 gray hairs is not a pretty sight

40 shades of floss make a pretty sight
40 days & 40 nights is a lot of rain

40 minutes of pain is an eternity
40 minutes of laughter goes by in an instant

40.....its all relative


  1. Joyce!
    Is today your birthday?! If so, many happy returns of your day...and to answer your musing, it's half begun! BTW, I got your request for a stamped post card. I actually have it, with a stamp from St. Croix, but I did not mail it because they were not certain of the postage. If you still like, I could put it in an envelope and mail it to you. Just let me know!

  2. Oh Happy 40! Guess what? It only gets better. I promise.

  3. Hey You, OLD LADY. Beat me too it again, as always. (I know I'll catch up soon enough). HAPPY BIRTDAY my love. Did you get 40 candles???? I thought of you the whole day yesterday. Big hugs and kisses on your 40th! Hope you had a great great day filled with laughter.

    Oh and this poem is the best. Love it.
    See we look so much alike. We're like the best weed ever. YOU & ME XXX

  4. Happy Birthday, Joyce! Enjoy!

  5. All relative but much to ponder! Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!! I'm 40 also, and it does really feel like part of my has ended. It's almost like a clean slat to start anew, and this time we get to choose what we will become.