Friday, May 22, 2009

The Psychology of Laundry

Hanging laundry outside on a sunny day,
It evokes many pleasant thoughts,
Not the least of which is yet another sign of spring.
(Are you beginning to realize how much the arrival of spring means here?)

There's barely a whisper of a breeze today,
Just enough to keep the jeans from complaining of the heat of the sun,
Enough to allow the T-shirts to perform their slow dance,
And the socks to scan for their mates.

How would it feel to be a piece of laundry?
To feel damp, cold, and claustrophobic,
Then to be brought into a warm sunny place,
It must feel like a renewal
Of life and energy

Then to be brought inside at the end of the day,
To have the scent of outside gently folded into place
Ready to start another day.


  1. Great thoughts, elevating chores of the everyday to the level of contemplation, introspection.
    makes me want to unplug my dryer. sounds like a much music special, "laundry...unplugged"

  2. your title made me smile.

  3. Hey you, great great great pictures. Love the tirth one. I can immagine you lying in the grass looking up and snap this shot. And yes I love laundry the best when it dryed outside, it always has that nice smell on them.

  4. I can smell the fresh air when I bring clothes inside off a line, a little bit of heaven. I love the perspective in your photos!

  5. I love this. I have been thinking of setting up a line outside too. The image is just so summery and carefree.