Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blinded by the Light

Its all in the wording.
In the adjectives you choose.
Stark or Striking?
Golden or Glum?
Isolating or Inspriring?

Its all in the attitude

I'll never be happy here
I'll never get the job
I'll never have enough money
I'll never meet Mr. Perfect
I'll never kick the habit

As T.V.'s Jake Harper says
"Not with that attitude you won't"


  1. How true - what beautiful photographs - I love the way the light shines through making a big fire ball.

  2. joyce ...your images and thoughts are stunning, this is a lovely sky happy to visit!

  3. Hi there sweetie, luuuve those skies. If only I could have taken those pics...I would have been there. Miss you like crazy these days...feel so alone....if only we lived closer...darn our parents....Hugs sweet friend hugs.

  4. So true! It really is all in your outlook or perspective, what a great reminder. I think those images are so lovely!! PS love your bucket list!

  5. Simply beautiful, that's what I say! And accurate!

  6. its all in the wording... i have realised this more than ever before this week. mental toughness when life throws her curves balls starts with the words we speak to ourselves, those internal conversations.

    i don't think i have mentioned this before but i just love the way the word "cariboo" sounds when i say it.

    and then as for the photos... the first one really speaks to me.

  7. True, true, true! Beautiful. Some days I'll see at it one way, and another day, the other... I try to guard against seeing from the negative perspective too long but also don't deny it entirely - it's part of me too.