Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Wasted

I am one of those people who go by the adages

"If you have nothing to do,
Don't do it here"


"Idle hands are the devil's workshop"


"To fill the hour, that is happiness"

So, I was not happy that I slept away the last two weekends, that's four days!
Think of what I could've gotten done!

I could've finished my cross-stitch stocking
Finished my summer scrapbook
Pulled all the solar lights out by the driveway
So they don't get in the way of the snow shovel & get ruined
Washed the dog
Gone for a walk or two
Attended the craft fair in town
I suppose I could've even vaccuumed, washed, & dusted
(How likely is that though?)

Now those four days. never mind the evenings of the days between those two weekends
Are gone forever

Curses to the God of the Flu!
May he never return!

I really do apologize for the constant theme of my last few posts
Next time will be better
I know - Famous last words
But they're true I say!
They're true!


  1. but sometimes sleeping is a gift in itself....dreams can be a spectacular vacation....I don't think you wasted anything...your body needed it or it wouldn't have taken you into a slumber....

  2. great portrait of the flu monster ... blessings of health to you.

  3. Oh that's crap. Hope you're better now. That's why I missed you so much. Things about the flu arn't good here eighter we're still all fine but since Mac has this astma he needs to get preshots for the flu....don't know what to do since we're all still okay. But a lot of people are die from it right now in Holland.....grrrr.

  4. Oh you poor thing - sleep is the best medicine - I loved the picture of your flu monster - I am glad the flu season is behind us.

  5. I so know what you mean. I wish for days to be home with no "work" to do (from work). But when I am, I'm sick and can't move myself to do much of anything else. So glad to hear you are feeling better.

  6. You left a question on my post today and I am never quite sure where to answer questions. But, yes, I did create the photo that was posted for Veterans Day. Thank you for visiting!