Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Good For You Lesson (aka Healthy Living)

First, I will explain my absences, which are not going to end anytime soon, unfortunately.
I am back to school....which involves 30 hours a week, plus my home business hours, which are 2-3 a day, plus family, housework, me get the idea.

More on that later.

It so happened that today I could devote my morning to studies...3 hours.

Things I learned this morning....
  • Don't fall back asleep after the kids have gone to school
  • After one hour of computer learning, take a 5 minute break
  • Use that break to perform small household tasks.....put away a load of laundry, fill sink with hot water & dirty dishes, feed the dog, sweep the kitchen floor, etc.
  • Don't grab a snack out of the cupboard everytime you get up
  • At lunchtime, don't give in to the desire to take that nap you missed this morning, find your boots, toque, mitts, and go for a bushwhacking walk. Your dog will love you for it.
  • During that bushwhack, you may find within 15 minutes of your home, a beautiful view that even after 7 years you didn't even know was there! (note to self..take camera next time)(note to self again...I bet Dagmar knew it was there!)
  • When you get home, having 2 pudding cups would destroy any benefits of the walk & just make you feel'll feel better after having some carrot sticks.
  • Finally, get back to the job at hand.


  1. Yep! Good things to learn. Me? Don't get a glass of soda every time you take a break!

    Why is it we always want the camera when we don't have it??

  2. school and business? wow! what are learning at school?

  3. Great post and great things to remember. I always forget my camera and then just get grumpy with myself because I have missed a good photo. I can relate.

  4. Those naps are killers, aren't they? Every single time I forget my camera, I find the perfect photo-op. One day I woke up and realized my cell phone has a camera, not the same by any means, but it does a fairly good job of capturing the moment. Your list is super!

  5. Enjoyed your list and learned some of them the hard way ...

  6. I totally relate with your crazy balancing act. I am now trying to be better about not trying to do it all. Its hard as a mom, wife, biz owner, and home care taker! And now your a student! I actually just took a break from the student role, it was killing me to run in so many directions. I wish you all the energy and peace in the world! Sounds like you have it figured out! (Maybe I can take your naps for you, LOL! That's one thing I am not good at, and I think I would be a happier person if I took one!
    Happy Friday!

  7. Okay sweetie, take a picture soon of the discovered new piece of land of yours and send it out into blog world. I'll let you know if I knew it....I had lots of giggles about this one.

    Love the way you discribe your days....I do the same all the time (except for all the naps, but that's because you're waaaaay older than me, so you need them)....HAHAHAHHAHA.
    Love you lots and good luck with the study.

  8. Good luck on your endeavor. So hard to hit the books 'at our age'! We are so out of practice. And good for you for going on that walk and finding new beauty!