Monday, November 23, 2009

Poss...the ImPossible

I know I have mentioned my Poss......Possum that is.
Let me paint a picture:
I am trying desperately to finish the chapter I'm working on......Microsoft Word...Boring!
Almost anything is a welcome distraction.
Possum decides to help me out.
He does his graceful cat leap onto my desk, and settles onto my binder.
I pet his head and turn back to the keyboard.

He wants attention.

He hooks his claw into my sweater,

pushes his head under my chin
(giving me a noseful of hair on the way)
I tell him he can't be doing that cause I really need to work.
He gives me the most utter look of contempt

Turns his back to me

Lifts his hind quarter
And begins his hourly cleaning ritual,
showing me what he thinks of me.
Butt end first.
Of course.

End Note: As I finish this, T comes home from school, checks his Facebook first thing.
(He's grounded from the computer but I let him on for 5 minutes to do that.)
I hear a crash
And a yell
"What did he do?"
I holler at him,
Curious because of what I am writing.
"He knocked the speaker behind the desk
Where I can't reach it....


He didn't even say sorry!"

So, Mr. Poss, you don't have to wonder why I posted these embarrasing and unflattering pictures of you, (which definitely do not show your handsome side,)

On the World Wide Web

For everyone to see!


  1. Oh Possum I do like you for stirring things up a bit at the borring life of my cousin. You rock cat.

    Sorry Joyce, couldn't resist myself here. ;-))))))

  2. Gotta' love that Possum--a feisty one! :))

  3. Thanks for the comment and question you left ... the montage for the banner was made in a program called Elements 6. They're fun to do.

  4. Oh, Joyce! I can see great "handsome" potential, but he was having none of it today, was he! I've seen that look on a cat before! And you can't fight it. Mr. Possum is most circumspect -- and don't you dare tell him he isn't in control! Love it!

  5. hehe what a cat!
    and to answer your question on my blog - yes i from the maldives. born and bred here. but have lived in other parts of the world for many years before i came back here three years ago.

  6. Cats have a habit of making you aware that they are in the room. He is beautiful though.

  7. Again - you make me laugh!

    He is gorgeous even with a scowl.

  8. This made me smile! Character galore :)