Monday, June 1, 2009

A Glimpse of Nobility

I'm so thankful that thanks to blogging I'm carrying my camera with me almost all the time. I turned out of our driveway on my way to town and had to stop short. This is what I saw:

This handsome fellow munching on a roadside of dandelions. (I would think they'd be quite bitter!)
He looked up at me and I expected him to turn tail and hop over the fence....I was surprised!

I slowly inched closer and he still kept on eating, occasionally glancing up at me, more out of curiousity than alarm. Then he crossed the road in front of me, I guess the pickings were better on the other side.

I was so close I could've reaced out and touched him if I'd have been in the passenger seat. I took one last picture and went away, leaving him to his lunch.


  1. Oh I wished I was there with you in the car. Do you remember me wanting to stop every single time, that it made you carsick? These pictures are gorgeous Joyce. You're blessed living in one of God's most beautiful spots.

    Oh and thanks for your words on my blog, Yep Jesse always askes about what I'm doing and Mac wants to sit by my side whenever I'm on it too. Really fun hey.

  2. Very cool. I really like the flower-eating shots.

  3. You are so fortunate to have gotten these shots. We have a good population of deer in southern Ontario,but I never have my camera at the ready when I see one. It's the most amazing thing to come across them when out for a walk. It was great to see these pictures. The last one is awesome.

  4. They always surprise us, don't they? Sometimes they pose, and sometimes they switch up that tail and leap across the yard so fast our cameras struggle to catch up. Like you, since I started blogging I try take my camera everywhere. However, yesterday I forgot to put it in the car and I missed the perfect shot: A red-tailed hawk on a telephone wire right about my car. What great perspective! But I left my camera behind. Never again!

  5. I meant to say "right ABOVE my car..."

  6. These are simply breathtaking -- to be so close and long enough to take so many wonderful photos. Unbelievable. You're right -- when you blog, you shoot -- a lot!