Thursday, August 6, 2009

For Tommy

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Where does a soul go
When he wakes up in the morning
Not knowing it will be the last time he wakes up?

Where does a soul go
When he closes his front door behind him
Not knowing he will never see his house again?

Where does a soul go
When he gets into his car
For a routine trip to town
Not knowing he will never drive that road again?

Where does a soul go
When he is suddenly yanked from his body
Without any warning?

It must be terribly confusing
To look down at the carnage below him
"What the hell just happened?"
Perhaps knowing the answer
But not wanting to believe it.
Feeling an irresistable force
Tugging him towards that soft warm brilliant white light
Unlike anything he's ever seen before

Does he feel torn
Between what is so familiar
And what is the unfamiliar?

Does he feel sorrow and grief for what he leaves behind
And floats upwards
Into the welcoming essence
Of everlasting life?


  1. Joyce I hope that this death does not leave you empty but if the hollowness inside feels unbearable, I am silently biding the agony with you.

    If these are just rambling thoughts then yes these are questions many ask but few have really searched for answers.


  2. So sorry for your loss, Joyce. Sending big hugs to you. Your family is in my thoughts.

  3. I should clarify this, this was an acquaintance, not a dear friend, and there are many of his friends and family who will feel his sudden loss deeply. I am just always in shock when soemone you know is suddenly taken like that.

  4. I ask myself many of these questions too.

  5. I like your new page and yes there are many questions - I just love that photo - have a great weekend.

  6. Hi sweetie, seems like we've surrounded with people leaving us....sigh. My only wish is that they will be there waiting when we swift away from the world. But these lines these words are more than stunning. You've done a great wonderful job here. Hugs my love. Love your pics and new layout. Why did you got borred with the other one, like that one too.

  7. Hi, Joyce,

    This is such a poignant, thoughtful and deep poem, I am moved more than I can say. I've worked as a facilitator with bereavement groups for many years and never read anything so powerful. And more than once, someone close to me has died suddenly, with no known illness, no warning. And I wonder all those things, too. I hope your friend and the family will learn to heal in time. My heart goes out to them, and to you.