Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Week - Friday

Okay, its the last day of happy week.
Ironically, I have not had a happy week
Have had a really rough week

But, today I am going to focus on the small things,
The things that usually do make me happy,
The little things that I enjoy.

Having a whole day ahead of me
With nothing that absolutely has to be done
Is the best.
I try to reserve one weekend day for that purpose

But that's not a little thing

Okay...little things......think..think..thinking

Singing along to music on the radio
Having my morning coffee
Driving by myself
Lunch with the gals
Playing with my puppy
Stroking my cat
Playing ping-pong with my boys
Savouring a strawberry cheesequake blizzard from Dairy Queen
Card night with my friends
Gardening in the spring
Having a cup of tea
Walking in the snow on a crisp sunny winter day

And then of course there's all the hobbies I enjoy
That's like a special category on its own:

Those are the things that make me who I am.


  1. It truely is the little things that make life worth living!

  2. Sorry you have not had a happy week. Do love the mosaic - and there are plenty of things to make anyone happy - especially the cup of tea. My Nan used to say a cup of tea fixes everything. Have a happy weekend.

  3. send me your snail mail ( and i will send you some of that lovely white sand, my friend. hope next week is better for you.... and so sorry to hear (via dagmar) about your aunt.

  4. my happy week was a bit rough too. focusing on those little pleasures is the way to make it through.

  5. Hi sweetie, happy thoughts from me to you in these hard days. Holding hearts together makes me smile among my tears. Miss you more than ever my best friend. XXX Dagmar

  6. I love the way you posted photos to go with your words. It made ME happy. I hope you were able to derive some happiness from focusing on your list and photos.

  7. I'm sorry you've had a rough week, and I hope this one is better. I'm catching up on things, and it doesn't sound happy. But I love your list of things that make you happy -- lots of those make me happy, too! And I hope you'll be able to find just a wee bit of joy in them again and very soon. Just know that lots of arms of warmth are wrapped around you, hoping to bring you happy soon.