Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy week....may I join in?

Sun in a smoke-filled sky

What makes me happy??
That's a tough question right now.
I've been "feeling the blues"
Not sure why.

What makes me happy?
Well, my budgies are twittering away in the background.
My radio is playing the song "Doing it Right"
Its kinda upbeat.
Its quiet in the house,
Hubby's at work
The kids are still asleep
Which is a good thing.
I'm in my favourite room...my office
Filled with my books & remembrances of the past.
I'd take some pictures, but I left my camera battery behind in Vancouver,
Have to wait for it to come in the mail
And the battery is as dead as a doornail.

What makes me happy?
I wanted to join in Happy Week
Wanted to chase the blues away.
Can't quite do it.

I may just push readers away today.
I'm sorry.
Sun gone down, in a smoke filled sky


  1. Sorry you are feeling blue... here's hoping that you are smiling again soon :)

  2. Well, that last picture is incredible. It makes me smile!! (And in the Midwest--most schools started this week. I'm a little envious of Canada, but I like getting out before Memorial Day, too!)

  3. even if you're blue, you won't push us away. hope you're feeling happy soon!

  4. Sorry your feeling down. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to write about it.
    Fell better soon! And keep joining along, we'd love it.

  5. that was exactly why i joined in happy week
    to push the blues away
    and i am loving the top photo
    i too would love to use up all my talents
    no regrets
    so that when meeting my higher power
    it will be seen as time well spent

  6. Joyce, I think happy needs a bit of blue to strike a balance and make it more meaningful. It's not nice to be in the blue patch but I hope it passes soon for you and I'm happy that you're here.

  7. You won't push readers away. That's part of what blogworld is all about. We all have blues, we have sadness, and we have joy, too. We choose to visit you, knowing full well that days will be better than others, more challenges or more fun. It's life. I trust your deep blue will lighten to a lovely sky blue sometime in the future. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But sometime. Soon.

  8. What a wonderful hillside rainbow photo -- it makes me happy just looking at the soft greens, peaches, and luminescent arch. It absolutely must have made you teeny weeny bit happy to share and post it! See? Little bits of happiness, that's all you need! Have a wonderful, Happy Wednesday.

  9. we all have our days....even weeks, when the blues just can't be shaken....

    and we wouldn't be human if we didn't !

    you won't lose readers...instead they will just see how human you really are !