Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Week - Thursday

What makes me happy??
What fills me with joy?
What is a sight I could never tire of,
and don't see nearly enough?

Laughter in the faces of my guys.
They all have absolutely beautiful faces
When they laugh
Their eyes brighten up their whole face
When they laugh.

Harder to capture on film
Than birds & butterflies
Is when they laugh

They ease & frequency with which they laugh
As well as their willingness to be photographed
Goes in order with their age
My 14 year old
My 16 year old
And my 49 year old

Which is why I can't find
Decent pictures to post
So these will have to do
And I will have to concentrate
On really capturing their sparkling eyes
Blue for Jeremy, chocolate brown for the others

Or maybe I'll just have to hire Beth!


  1. Seeing laughter in the eyes of people I love makes me happy too! How great that you have three lovely guys to bring this into your life.

  2. Every fairground worth its salt needs a helter-skelter!!! ♥

  3. glad there's laughter around you. enjoy!

  4. I agree, laughter is the greatest! I love laughing til I cry, and that doesn't happen often, but it happened twice last week :)

  5. I've been seeing lots of happy week, and thi sis certainly one of the best!

  6. I love to laugh, and get to laugh more now in the blogs than I have ever laughed in my life, up till now.

  7. How beautiful....I love your description of feelings evoked and tender times. Laughter. Smiles. Loved ones. Thank you for moving responses past photographs - it's been a great Happy Week!

  8. Smiling faces make me want to smile - laughter makes the world go round - and they look like a happy bunch :) We all need more laughter in our lives - lucky you!

  9. Laughter stimulates those happy endorphins, doesn't it? I'll never forget my son's laughter as a young boy. As he grew, he laughed out loud less and I settled for smiles. Now that he's out of his teen years, his laughter is back. It's infectious.

  10. Laughter - the best medicine. May you find some even though this is a tough time for you. So glad you have such lovely boys surrounding you.