Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy week - Starry Starry Night

I can't remember the rest of that song right now,
But I want to write
while the feelings are still there
Because this makes me happy
And if they go before I'm done
I'll just go back outside till they come back.

There's a gazillion stars out there
My grade 2 teacher used to tell us that the highest number in the world
is a "googooplex"
Well, there's a googooplex and one out there

credit here
I stood and watched and stood and looked
Saw two and a half falling stars
Plus the ones I could only catch out of the corner of my eye
When I looked
They were gone

I saw a happy face
The Big Dipper
The North Star
And Casseoppia
(That's the extent of my stellar knowledge)
I saw one that looked like it was flashing blue and red
Like a police car
(Maybe it was speeding!)

And though I am not an extremely spiritual person
Once in a while the spirits hit me good
I felt like all the stars were spirits
Watching me
Giving me strength
Knowing what a hard evening I had
Struggling with my "stinkin' thinking"

And I thank the spirits
For watching over me
Showing me that I am not alone in my struggle
That a higher power is there

If I choose to accept it.

Now that its morning I discovered that my aunt, and Dagmar's aunt, passed away yesterday. Is there significance in what I felt yesterday as I was star-gazing? I definitely believe so.

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  1. The words are lovely. I think in the country you can appreciate a starry night more than in the city. Something to do with the reflections of the city lights - it is hard to see as many stars. When I was in the country on the weekend we saw the most beautiful starry sky.

  2. This is a lovely, thoughtful post. Yes, it's true, you are not alone. But your struggle is yours, and my thoughts are with you. When I go to Northern Michigan I can see more stars, and they are just so very beautiful!

  3. i can just lose myself staring at the stars.

  4. i have such incredible memories that are associated with stars. board games about constellations with my parents, midnight campfires and sleeping bags in rugged heights, kisses on camp and then just God and me in silence... thank you for taking me back to each of these.

    i am sorry that you and dagmar have lost an aunt. i mourn with you for i know loss.

  5. Great post. I pray that peace remains in your thoughts, and I am so grateful your aunt is not suffering anymore. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Sending hugs.

  6. it's been so long since I've seen a heaven full of stars! they are here and there, hit and miss. on my bucket list for this year is to see the milky way again...I can't believe how hard it is to find a place where you can see it. these photos have made me very happy indeed.

  7. beautiful photos. i love stars and can rarely see them inside the city!

  8. Someone told me once that everytime someone close to you dies, they are sending you positive energy to accomplish something in your life. I always am grateful for that even if I don't understand the details. Perhaps as you gazed at the stars, your aunts were thinking of you and sending their love! Lovely post, thought provoking photo. (And thank you for dropping by and saying "hello".)

  9. i set high store in that type of synchronivity in life - and the stars winking down at you as two new spirits joined their realm - so meaningful

  10. What I especially love about visiting Santa Fe, NM, is the fact that we're at 7,000 feet with no light pollution. I've never seen so many stars anywhere as I do here. Layers and layers of stars. It boggles the mind. I hope your aunt is at peace. I put a lot of store in synchronicity. Perhaps you were guided to the stars...

  11. Joyce,
    My heart goes out to you - I am so sorry for your loss. Perhaps the stars were calling to you.