Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The fragility of puppy love.

This weekend my youngest son and I went to Vancouver. He wants to be an actor, is passionate about wanting to be an actor. Vancouver is the Hollywood of Canada, the place to be. Which happens to be 500 km from where I live. So I enrolled him in a weekend beginner's workshop for teens & adults. This is him leaving on day one:
There were only 2 teens & 5 adults, so naturally he was paired up with his 16 year old classmate. A very pretty girl. The first day when I picked him up I noticed how she said goodbye to him & how easily he answered her, which surprised me because he is quite shy. The second day he was pretty quiet after I picked him up, which lasted throughout the evening, and I won't betray his confidence in me by telling all, because confidence between a 14 year old boy and his mom is a fragile thing, but suffice it to say that he did tell me he's never met a girl like that before. I comforted him by telling him he'd see her again, they can talk on the computer, yadda yadda, but, I have to say, I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore!!

This is on the famous Robson Street....the "Rodeo Drive" of Vancouver, where I picked up a poster of his idol, Johnny Depp, to commemerate his first acting class. I have a great story about this experience, which I'll save , but I might have to bore you with some posts about our weekend, while T was at his class, I played tourist with my mom. (The short one is her!)


  1. What a cool mom you are! I love that you are in tune with your son's dreams and you are helping him follow them.
    Your list on my blog is great! I love it!
    and to answer your question, squam is this art workshop weekends in new england. far from california...sigh...

  2. Oh yes, it is hard to watch our little boys find girls and hopefully be there to gather them up along the path. I hope he has a wonderful time!

    Love Robson street and Denman and The Silvia Hotel...

  3. Awww so cute. How wonderful you are for giving him these opportunities - I am sure there will be many more little ladies a long the way :)

  4. I agree with Shell, I think it's wonderful that you are so actively facilitating him following this dream! And as for the rest, that made me smile. :)