Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mirror

When I look in the mirror
Who's that I see?
That's not me
Looking back at me.

That's my facade
It's the cover of my book
It's the cloak surrounding me

I'm buried there
Way underneath the wrappings
Hiding that me

Call it ironic,
But only those
who don't give a damn about me
are allowed to see me
The real me

To allow those who care
To have more than a passing glimpse
Is too much of a chance
For the real me

A risk I won't take
I am the Master of Disguise
the expert at Hide 'n Go Seek
The hidden object in Hot or Cold
The elusive goal in I Spy
I am me
Not the me in the mirror
But the real me


  1. I like this... a lot!! Strange what the mirror is saying these days! :0 !

    Are you wanting to put a video on your blog? If you are taking a youtube video or something, you just copy the embed code. Then instead of being on "compose" on your new post, go to "edit HTML" and paste it. (You can actually go back and forth as needed!) When you preview it-- you will be able to see the video.

    That is about the extent of my knowledge on videos right now. Sorry I'm not more help!

  2. i think the blue tone adds such mystery to it...did you write the poem?

  3. Does anyone really ever know the real anyone else? I don't think so.

    Joyce, you are a thought provoker. Interesting visit to your blog.


  4. Hi dearling. Ohhh you made me cry. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. This is beautiful, if only I could be with you know and hold you close so very close to my heart.

    Love the picture and the poem. This is you the beautiful you. I'm so gladd I have you in my life dear friend.
    Love you lots.

  5. sometimes it's hard to know ourselves ...

  6. Wow, Joyce. This is extremely thought provoking. Splendid.

  7. My daughter often says to me "oh mum what would you know you are just getting old". I fiercely defend myself - "no I am not!!!". Then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I still feel like I am 18 and then study the aging face looking back at me and it still shocks me. I have just decided that age is a number, I will make the most of the packaging and ignore my teenager - she is not good for my self esteem. Thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Joyce, your comment over at my blog today was so very sweet. And, this Michael and I have been together only five plus years and marrried for only three of those.

    My first husband is also Michael! LOL Sorry for the confusion.

  9. i know what you mean, and share similar feelings. the me in the mirror is not the me i feel i am.

  10. Outstanding. The blue photo and the words are simply outstanding. I certainly can relate.

  11. Yes, I like your words 'the cover of my book'. I too don't recognize the person in my mirror.

    But Joyce, I know that you have shared the real you with at least one person who loves you because Dagmar often tells me what a wonderful person you are... not just the one I know on-line!

  12. Wow! This was such a great post, and such a great blue image to match! Loved it, Joyce!