Friday, January 29, 2010

Guilty as Charged

Look at this adorable guy
His big brown eyes, in which I detect a hint of defiance

His "please love me 'cause I'm so darn cute" expression

Also his "I'm innocent, I didn't do it"

Uh huh.

Let me back up a bit.
We have a big property, 10 acres.
About half an acre of that is a fenced-in dog pen, built by the previous owners.
It kept our older dog contained for the 6 years he was with us here.

Monty, however, learned at about 6 months how to pull the wire fencing lower down and clamber over it.
No amount of reinforcing will keep him in..
He absolutley hates being away from me and won't put up with it.
Which is why the pen could be useful, because if I have to go out somewhere where I can't take him along, he won't "stay", but will follow me down the road.

The other night my son & I went to the movies. I had put Monty in the kitchen with his usual night-time barricades in place.
He was not impressed.
He pushed over the wooden-chair gate, & got into the living room.

When I got home, I saw what he had done, gave him shit (which was probably useless at that point), put him out & took some pictures, intending to share them with y'all.
Alas, I didn't know at the time that my camera card was not in the camera

So, I can't share the pictures unless I re-create the mess--------
plant stand pulled down & chewed on, pot of lilies emptied & half digested, lotion oozing out of its punctured tube,
that innocent face.

Use your imagination!


  1. oh, yes ... the innocence ... and the love

  2. Oh dear! Good thing you love him!

  3. Holy shit....what a dog. Storm did the same thing tough when he was a teenager. So be angry with him for some time by ignoring him totaly. He'll know that he was wrong. It always helped me with Storm...he will grow out of this I'm sure....

    Monty gave me a laugh here too. I can totaly imagine you and your fitt when you came home....gladd I wasn't there. HIHIHI

  4. Ever read Marley & Me? If not, you should. Monty's adorable.

  5. the imagination just provided the full scoop and my potential reaction to it!

    joyce, your frank, down to earth, straightforward posts and comments have me in stitches most days. and yes, i really do appreciate them.

    happy week!

  6. What a gorgeous dog. I can imagine you would have been furious - but I bet it did not last long looking at that adorable face.

  7. Oh, come on. Please recreate the mess and take some pictures.

    Seriously though, that's one handsome dog.


  8. Don't recreate the mess! But oh, what a funny story (I suppose less so to you at the time!) And look at that innocent, sweet face!!