Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up for Air

Its all over
The hustle & bustle
The messes & the beauty
The trimmings and the trappings

I can breathe

My house is back to normal
(except for the rows of pretty Christmas cards
that I don't want to take down yet...besides, I'm still expecting a few latecomers..
ahem, ahem Dagmar..but you're forgiven because although I missed your birthday, I did not forget!)

I can breathe
The tree is outside in the snowbank
Offering its remaining tinsel to the birds
I can walk barefoot in my living room again
Without sharp little fir needles piercing my feet

I can breathe

The cookies and the fruitcake are all gone
As are the turkey soup, the turkey sandwiches, the turkey pie
and the turkey casserole
And even that little bit of cranberry sauce that got shoved to the back of the fridge and crusted over

And I can breathe

I am going to find time tomorrow to catch up on all your posts
I promise
And I will breathe some more
Safe in the knowledge that I'm

..........hold your breath now......

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  1. Oh, that is a wonderful post! And one most of us can surely identify with! Just breathe. I like that!

  2. Yea you. Yes wonderful I can breath too. But I didn't send cards this year (sorry explaine later) and uhhhh never got yours you DIDN'T send it to my old adress did you???? Mom and did got theres with your wonderful I'm also waiting because I know you never ever forget to send me xmas you big time.

  3. I luv the thought of a Christmas tree in the snowbank with the tinsel blowing in the wind.'s a wonderful thing.


  4. Where did this beautiful rendition ("Breathe")come from? Is it your artwork. I love it!

  5. oh yes, breathe in ... breathe out ...

  6. Breathe - what a wonderful word - thanks for the reminder.

  7. Joyce - I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, seeing your photographs and your perspective on things. You deserve this award as you are inspirational.

  8. Hey sweetie, I've put you up for the Kreativ blog award. Please check out my last post about what to do. Hugs Dagmar

  9. i have missed coming here for a sorry...i love the "i can breathe" feeling you describe so very well!