Thursday, January 14, 2010

All out of words

I don't have any clever words today
I am a person of little words to begin
Never could get the knack of small talk
And the thought of talking with strangers
Fills me with dread
These pics are of the same waterfall
Which I took in the fall
And promised to take again
When it was frozen.
The perspective isn't great I notice
They look much smaller than they actually are
Even with Monty in front
The tiny footprints at the bottom help a bit
It was eerie walking through there
The creek, usually bubbling like crazy
Sometimes even a small river
Is silent under its icy covering
Except for the occasional burp
Which made Monty jump everytime
How to explain to him that the ground is not crumbling awa
under his feet?

Anyhow, enjoy the good life!
Till next time.


  1. Just love your dog - he is gorgeous. I know what you mean about talking to strangers - it can be a challenging thought. I think you would do just fine at it - look at how well you communicate through blog land :)

  2. that looks so cold ... and your dog appears to have found something of interest to sniff at

  3. hi joyce. i was just thinking about you earlier, wondering how you were as i havent been here for a while. its funny how blogging makes you start thinking about people you've never met as friends, isnt it?

  4. Heeeeey nice to see the 'ice'fall. Did you go up to the falls we took our hike to in the spring? I'll bet they look amazing now.
    Great to see how Monty grew. Love him I'll bet he and I will be best friends when I'm at your place.

  5. Oh...this is amazing. And Monty is such fun to see.

  6. I get all out of words sometimes too... but in the end, you told us your story! Love the photos and am living vicariously through your snowy world!

    btw - I slip my postcards into my books (to advertise that I sell the soups and fibers that can be used for projects in the book) also in stores where I will be coming to teach or hold a show.

  7. I luv walking in the snow with a big dog. They make it more fun.

    I'm not very good at small talk either. Usually just ask a lot of questions and let the other person do the talking.

    It looks as cold there as it is here in WI.