Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You'd Think........

This is my kitchen stove.
Nothing special, somewhat outdated.
Not likely to get a new one till this one finally goes kaput
And since things were made better a few decades ago,
That's not likely to happen.
Seen it all before, right?

This is my kitchen stove from a differnt angle
Not so flattering, right?
Those pretty little things
Designed to hide the ugly coil elements
Those handy little things called burner covers.
They are my nemesis

If you've ever bought them,
Take note that the package does not come with a warning,
an advisory,
A do not handle if incompetent disclaimer.
You know why that is?
Because they know that simple-minded folks like me
Who refuse to learn from their mistakes,
Will make the same mistake over and over.
And they will profit.
At least once a month, when I'm making some delectable delight,
I'll have turned my back for an instant.
Maybe to go water a plant or two,
Or fold a couple towels,
Or do any of the other number of things that women do
When we are "multi-tasking"
Suddenly, the air is pierced by the screech of the smoke alarm.
I instantly know what happened.
Into the kitchen I run,
Pull the pan off the burner
Burn my fingers trying to flick it off
Cause where the heck did all the oven mitts and kitchen towels disappear to?
The cover lands on the floor
The dog tries to lick it as I keep him away with one foot
(Thank god I have no little kids crawling around in the way)
I may get a nice little moon-shaped tattoo
On the floor.
Matches the other ones.
But, I do learn from my mistakes
I do, I swear I do!!!
Because tucked in a cupboard
I have all the other covers I bought at the same time.
I may not be the brightest crayon in the box,
I have foresight!
(And maybe some stock in the burner cover makers' companies
Might not be a bad idea!)

And, by the way, I did not format this in the run-on style with no breaks between the paragraphs in which it appears.
My blog has a mind of its own!


  1. ive never heard of burner covers before! but then probably a good thing cos no doubt id have my house in flames in no time if i had those things on.

  2. I'll have some of that pie and ice cream and a few wavy chips.

    Our washer and dryer (Maytag) was purchased in January 1993 and it's still going strong. Now that I've said that, there will probably be a flood or fire in the laundry room today.

    Joyce, you make me laugh and that's a good thing.


  3. says a lot about what angle we look at things from, doesn't it?

  4. Oh, Joyce! This cracks me up -- this is so something that would happen to me -- and you are SO smart to plan ahead! I have an old stove, too -- and a dear repairman who has kept it going, each time promising he doesn't know how long he can get parts!

  5. I've done this...definitely do understand what you're going through.

  6. I have never heard of these. Photography can be deceiving you are right - depending on the angle an image is taken.