Monday, September 14, 2009

Cross this off the "list"

Some time ago I wrote about unfinished projects
And about black cats under ladders
The project requiring the ladder is complete
(sort of)
It was only a weekend job,
But you know how it is...
Hard to get started.
Now it just needs a little stone wall
Incorporating the big rocks
Knee height
In which a little flower garden can be made.
(Or shall I make one out of vertical tongue & grooved wood?)

In any case, that'll be next year.
Next on the list,
Paint the garage.


  1. You are ever so much better than I...

  2. Do you ever find that you do one thing, and then you have to do about a dozen others? It snowballs or something! (That picture in your banner is amazing!!)

  3. Time required to finish a job, take your most conservative estimate and then double it.

  4. Oh how I love this photo. Always love you Flag. It's amazing just haning in the blue air.

    What's funny is that I saw this post below just now, think there's something wrong with blogger giving notice that others have updates?
    Well anyhow enjoy your work and make plans for next spring. I love the rock idea but wood would be nice too (only doesn't stay that long). Sweet coffee hugs from me (I've almost finished mine and will take Mac to school)

  5. I fear painting is in my cards, too. A few touch-ups outside before the weather changes, more than a few inside. The rocks are wonderful!