Friday, September 11, 2009

Why is it that immediately after Labour Day
Summer knows it must come to an end?

The weather changes overnight
And smash boom bang.........its fall
Tank tops & shorts get ignored
Sweatshirts, jeans & socks make their yearly debut

Suddenly, the garden doesn't need watering
Even if it hasn't rained for a week
It retains its moisture
Some hardy souls keep blooming
But most are slowly shutting down for the season

The kids are back in school
And after the first few days
Life falls back into its normal routine
After the summer hiatus

It seems like it was just spring,
With its quickly melting snow
Then summer
The wonderful lazy barefoot days of summer

I wish it would last forever

But, then we wouldn't have our brilliant golden fall
Or our crisp snowy winters
And so
We must grin and bear it
Appreciate the beauty of each day
In this wonderful part of the world we live in.


  1. I don't often leave a comment when I come to visit with you. I should do it more often to let you know I was here. I want you to know that my visit today helped me be a bit less sad. Today is a hard day for most of us south of your border.

    And, the answer to your question is, of course you can print it and keep it. Share it if you'd like. You honor me and all of us.

    Thank you.

  2. It is sad to see summer going away, but you are so right to anticipate the beauty of the other seasons also. Looking forward to your photos of the fall in Canada.

  3. I love Autumn but Summer did feel very short and a bit of a non-event this year so not sure I'm ready for it yet. Nothing can be done to prevent it though so as you say, best just to appreciate every day.

    And I love your Vancouver idea... I've always fancied the idea actually, although I've never even been there. Something worth exploring!

  4. The part about the garden not needing watering -- how DOES that happen? It's happening with me, too! This is a most thoughtful poem on so very many levels!

    I'll be glad to send you the panzanella salad recipe, but I can't find your e-mail address on your blog. Please leave it in a comment and I'll jot you a note with all the stuff. It's ridiculously easy!

  5. our summer isn't playing by the rules at all this "she" has been perfect in so many ways....and she's continuing her reign as queen and not letting fall come and visit right now....

    and that's okay with me.....because winter will be here soon enough and well...let's not go there !

  6. Oh Joyce, your first picture is just wonderful taken. You rock girl. They look so funny like they just came out of bed...
    Love the lines you write about the seasons. And yes it seems that summer this year past way to fast. Fall hugs from me to you my dear.