Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thunder and Lightning and Cameras....oh my!

Last night we had the thunderstorm of all time
Compared to what we usually have
I couldn't take my eyes away from the windows
Afraid I'd miss seeing something
Worse than a little kid eavesdropping
Afraid to miss hearing something

Had to try to capture it on film
(okay, digital film, if you will)
But I hadn't the foggiest idea
of which settings to use.
Why oh why didn't I learn about it earlier??
I tried all the automatic settings I could think of,
But I knew that for this I needed to do some manual fidgeting
But with what???
Shutter speed was the key...I think
And I found the screen that displays speed
Along with half a dozen other things
Which is which
How do I change them
And what do I change them to?

I should be standing outside, not behind a window
That much I knew
But do I want to risk my life for a cool picture?
Not today.

Finally, after dozens of black as night shots and dozens more shots of brilliant white windows reflecting everything in my living room,
I gave up.

I'm not a dumb person
Some call me smart
(And some call me know who you are...dagmar!)
But for the life of me I can't seem to retain any knowledge of photography.
And it frustrates the hell out of me.

flick credit here
and speaking of flickr.....when the pics are really small, like this one, how do you make them bigger (I don't mean clicking on them, I mean bigger to begin with?)


  1. Cant help you with making the photo bigger - I am technically challenged too - but it is a great shot and I love storms too - especially when you are cozy inside.

  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a photography class all together?!

  3. Hi there smart-ass (oh you made me laugh real hard here my friend - and believe me I could use some of that after this off-day). So you've did it again as always make me smile when I need it to most.

    Kee about the pictures. Look at your camera if you take high pixels levels. Then when you copy them to flickr always work with the original size when you (if you) edit them. When I move them into your blogpost paste the medium size photo and add it into your post (you know how to do that?). NO, let me come over and help you...;-) Well need more advise? talk about it in our mail.

    Love you lots and your bracelet was so much help for me again today. Big hugs Dagmar

  4. I am still trying to figure out how to take some great storm photos. You're right - we can't be outside. But I want to take a to-die-for shot ( not literally) of some great lightning action! I love the photo you found, and don't know anything about resizing through that site. Sorry.