Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28...Will always be special.

17 years ago from today my life changed forever. I became a mother of a beautiful baby boy. I couldn't have been happier. Then we decided our baby boy needed a younger sibling to play with. So, 15 years ago from today, we gave our 2 year old a special birthday present...a beautiful baby brother. We really didn't expect it to happen on the same day, but the baby had other plans.
Sharing a birthday, I only had to do birthday parties once a year for the first little while, until they got older and wanted seperate parties. Now, neither one want parties, but it is still a special day for us.

September 28, 1992

September 28,1994

If I had a baby picture of Dagmar's husband I would put it on here too, because it is also his birthday. Happy birthday to you, M.!


  1. How cool is that story?! See, I told you, fascinating! So do you want five words?????

  2. Email me Sweetie, so I can send you your words!

  3. That is pretty neat! I have a niece & a nephew born on the patriotic US 4th of July two years apart. That doesn't happen often. They are going to love having a special reason to get together in the future! Happy B-day, boys!

  4. That is so special! What a beautiful thing to have happened for you. Your boys must be treasures in your life. Congratulations.

  5. oh this is so special..two beautiful boys...another blog buddy's son is 12 today and she does a monday memory post you should add is the link
    Planet M Files

    i will eat cake in their honor!

  6. Oh, Joyce! How wonderful! This must be almost as big a day for you as for them! So, Happy "Mom" time and Happy Birthday to your guys! Loved the photos!

  7. Joyce, that is so cool that both of your boys were born on the same day! My son actually turns 12 tomorrow, 9/29, but I wanted to post about his birthday as my Monday Memories post today. I do the Monday Memories linky thing every week. I would love to have you join in other times, too! It's great to meet you!

  8. Oh man this is a good one, a baby picture of Michel....If only I had a scanner...I'd send you one. You had me laugh for about half an hour about it....

    Congrats with the kiddos my sweetie. I was thinking of them the whole day yesterday, just as you were of Michel it seems (okay not the whole they I'll expect, ;-)
    Sweet lovely hugs from me to all of you.

    Oh and Morning Sky never thought of it the way you put it on your the thought that you see it as a perfect name for me...thanks. Love you lots.

  9. How sweet! And how time does fly! I just posted about a chapter closing with my littlest one. I bet that just seemed like yesterday having your boys. How special they were born on the same day! Happy birthday to them!
    To answer your question about advertisement, I do it through my blog, and just handing out biz cards to people who go to my website. I don't advertise in the phone book, or anything like that. I do have my cards in stores, which helps advertise as well. Hope this helps answer some questions! :)