Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Most of us are experiencing the beginning of the fall season
Perhaps with some regret
That summer is officially "over"
Except for those who live "down under"
Who have the summer to look forward to.
(Does that seem wierd or what??)

Here in the Cariboo,
We don't have seasons
Not in the traditional sense
We have "Colours"

Green, Yellow, White, & Brown

Our aspen trees will soon be brilliant yellow gold

Then we will have white (and blue, since much of our winter skies are brilliant blue)

Next comes the season of hope & renewal.........brown.
Brown you say?
When four feet of snow melts in 3 weeks, everything, everywhere, is mud.
Double that if you have a dog. Or little kids. Or big kids who haven't yet learned to take their shoes off at the door. Or a husband who looks at the bottoms of his boots and says to himself....."they're not too bad", and traipses to the sink for a glass of water....

And finally, the lovely emerald green of summer

I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I messed up the flickr credits, but here they are anyways...


  1. What beautiful seasons and I love that you encompass the season of mud with humor!

  2. I feel like I just spent a year with you, it was kinda fun.

  3. What gorgeous photos!! I have never seen the snow - South Australia has quite a mediterranean climate so we don't see snow. I do love looking at photos of it though. It is funny to think we are in opposite seasons. We are starting to enjoy the warmer weather and the beautiful smell of blossoms in the air.

  4. What a wonderful way to think of the seasons -- as colors! I think that might make me appreciate winter a little more, with its whites and cool blues and stark black trees. A part of the color wheel. A new perspective. I like it!