Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a walk in the park with me & my dog.

Yesterday I needed to pick up my son from school, and bring my other son his bike so he could bike around with a friend. So, I went a little early, with the intention of taking a stroll through our hidden jewel....Centennial Park. Here of some of the things I saw:

The waterfalls, almost dry at this time of year. I'll go back when they're frozen & take pics then.

Evidence of romance

"Stumbling blocks"

Plenty of pools for Monty to splash in, and splash me with. (Sorry for the blur that is him!)

A faerie's crown made of foam

A Warning not to sue the Village if I fall & break my neck

Some really big trees!

Last fall's leftovers

Frustration as I tried to focus on the rosehips but could only focus around them (help!!)

Ditto for the thistles

A dirty snout (what were you thinking Monty?)

Trying to get him to wash his snout

And a mirror in the sewage pond (Yuckky Monty, don't go in that one!)


  1. how did you get the bikes and the dogs? you really got some diverse shots Tracy, I like the last reflection the most

  2. Elk...huh???? What bikes? And its not Tracy, its Joyce......did you have 2 windows open & commented on the wrong one?? :)

  3. joyce sorry about the name booboo...:))))

    "Yesterday I needed to pick up my son from school, and bring my other son his bike so he could bike around with a friend.".....when I read that and I saw the size of Monty it amazed me that you could do it, meaning getting them both in your car...!

  4. Oh, well, we've got a big boat of a car, J has a small BMX bike, and Monty's just a half-grown pup...looks bigger in the pics I guess!

  5. Oh, what a haven this is! A fine place to relax, restore, and simply be. You're lucky to have this so very close to you!

  6. Heee there you, great shots Tracy....;-) couldn't resist....hahahaha. Oh and alllll the Canadians have big huge cars. I might show them in my next post (remember Joyce the last time I was there, the big black monster truck?).

    Well anyhoooowwww. Love to see Monty again. He sure did grow fast. Love the macro pics too only if they would look more clear??? I'll guess you were to close for the camera to focus. Try manual focus the next time. Good luck.

    And so many many thanks for your uplifting words on my last post. Love you for that, believing in me like that. I'm shining all the way trough (can you tell???). Seems like I'm in my funny mode...Hugs and love you.

  7. I love the blurry dog, the foamy crown and the towering tree! Definitely a gem of a park - glad you got to hang out there for a while :)

  8. Great collection of photos. Loved the dog with the dirty nose, dogs are great at doing that.