Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swimming through life.

The last couple of weeks I've been thinking...
No more blogging!
Takes too much time
Don't know what to write
Who am I doing this for
What's the point, anyway.

But here I am again
Thinking as I write, writing as I think

I'm a pretty impulsive person
Which has caused me and my family
its share of problems.

I have a tendancy to embrace new projects
I'd love to do that
That looks so cool!
And in the pool I go, blindfolded, plunging in with both feet
The shallow part is not for me,
I flounder in the deep end
Until I understand the basic principals
Of staying afloat
I stay in the water
Playing with other swimmers
Having fun
Learning new strokes
Until I'm cold and tired and wrinkled as a prune.
Then I climb out
Go hide in a big fluffy towel
Until the next pool presents itself.

I was invited into the blogging pool
By my dear cousin Dagmar
And I'm glad I dove in
Every now & then I pop out to take a breath
Somehow though, I always seem to
Jump back in!


  1. It does get overwhelming sometimes, doesn't it? I love visiting your blog, and I hope you don't quit altogether. Blogging isn't an obligation and no one will mind if you skip a bit so you can do something else that touches your soul and makes you smile. Besides, then you'll have that special thing to blog about!

  2. I agree with Jeanie. I do understand what you mean though. I started blogging after my Dad died as I felt there was just so much I needed to say and photography gave me (and still gives me) that creative outlet that soothes my soul. Sometimes lately I think - why do I blog - but then I get lovely and supportive comments - and that inspires me to keep going a bit longer.

  3. well please do keep jumping back in. i like your dry sense of humour and your wit.

  4. Hihihihi hahahaha I'm glad we are so much alike. Can I just sit back, copy all this and relax for a bit. I do feel the same way all along. So lets jump, swim and have fun all the way down the drain....or should I say ocean. Do you meet me half way it's to darn big to cross it all the way alone. Big sweet happy hugs from me to you my love.

  5. Please do keep coming back. It is difficult to find the time to actually put the thoughts onto the page, isn't it?

  6. i saw this same question on another blog recently - who am i blogging for? and i dont know about others out there, but i do it for myself. i do try to post everyday - not out of obligation, but more because its something i enjoy - but sometimes other things get in the way and i miss a day or two here and there. no big deal. i just jump back in.

    take a break if you dont feel like blogging. but i do hope you dont quit altogether.

  7. I really think that one place there should be no "shoulds" is in blogging. But from a selfish point of view, I hope you keep jumping in. I enjoy meeting you here... :)