Friday, October 23, 2009

The Connoisseur of Comfort

There are cat people
And there are dog people

As much as I do like (okay, maybe even love) my pup
I am most definitely a cat person

Dogs are fun to be with and good for walks,
But you, or at least I, can't sit there and watch a dog doing his thing
And marvel at his muscular liquid beauty
In awe of his being
Amazed at every little part of his body
Just like a parent watching a newborn baby
Only a cat has that ability
Even the big mean cougars & panthers
inspire the same alluring awe,
Display the same admiration
For all that they are

Cats can find comfort anywhere,
As I was thinking out this post
Inspired of course by my cat lying in the sun
I thought of the cats I've owned
And where they found comfort

As a teenager I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles
And Ceaser would lie in the open box
Come to think if it
I'm lucky he didn't think it was kitty litter!

Cypress liked to lie in the bathroom sink,
And also cuddle up to our shepherd-sharpei dog
Jasper would crawl into the open topped guinea pig cage
Again, I'm surprised he didn't use the shavings as litter
Blue would find the highest perch possible
and look down on his kingdom
and its subjects
Snoopy would invariably locate the empty baby-carrier
And Possum, shown here, absolutely loves the fleecy blanket
we use for napping

The one thing they all had in common though,
Is the knack they had for finding the lone patch of sunlight in the room
How can a cat, sleeping on someone's bed
Instintively know, in his sleep,
That if he gets up & goes to the living room
Pausing for some kibble on the way
He will find the sunshine that wasn't in the bedroom?

Cats are truly amazing
And if reincarnation is a reality,

I want to come back as a cat


  1. Oh Joyce love this post. But you know I like cats best in pictures...;-)

  2. I think I was either a cat in a former life or am evolving towards becoming one... seeking out warm, comfy spots to snuggle up is something I've already managed to master ;)

    Loving the new look - also warm and welcoming!

  3. the cat looks so comfy on that cushion.

  4. I've never owned a cat but they're so amazing in their ability to snuggle anywhere. They carry a mysteriousness with them that mystifies me. These photos are beautiful. I love your blog's new look!

  5. I loooove those pictures!

    I must say I do have both and love both (2 dogs, 2 cats), but I think I tend to favor dogs just a little bit more. But I don't know if I could ever really choose.

  6. I want to come back as a cat, too! This is a fabulous poem, Joyce. Obviously, I couldn't agree more! You really touch the heart of loving a cat. I've learned so much from just being with them. They're the best.

  7. love them both...your cat looks very comfortable there. I LOVE your new blog background too