Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hard Lesson of Equations

Last night my husband was at work, one son was at his girlfriend's, and the other went to a friend's at the last minute.

I was home alone for dinner.
Yeah! I don't have to cook tonight!
I can eat whatever I want!
That's where the trouble began.

I knew one thing I wanted for sure...a bag of Maynard's Wine Gums
I went to the corner store
(which is not really on a corner but you know what I mean)
Picked up a bag,
But I had no money, only my debit card.
I didn't want to pay for two bucks with a bank card, cause that would look dumb,
so I looked around for something to add onto it.
A litre of chocolate milk should bump it up a bit.
Those bags of kettle corn at the the till look really good too
Might as well pick up a bag for desert.

Well, the kettle corn became dinner
Washed down with chocolate milk
And the wine gums became desert.

And I proved once again
That I can't be trusted home alone,




  1. You make me laugh. I love it when I am home alone - I am a chips and chocie girl myself.

  2. Ha! Delightful. Also true -- I had tums last night, too!

  3. Ohhww I always think we have better sweets than you across the ocean. So much more flavour and real...but it looks to me you had a swell of a time.

  4. this was so me....I have done this so many times and I'm glad I'm not alone....

  5. Oh my! There sure are a lot of people just like me in this world!

  6. I wonder what we'd all become if left on our own...:))

  7. Hilarious! Love how logic works on an empty stomach!