Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We really don't live in igloos.....

A misconception that Canadians believe about Americans, which may in itself be a misconception (are you following me?) is that Americans don't know a heck of a lot about Canada. This could in part be perpetrated by Rick Mercer's "South of the Border" TV Interviews, which consisted of interviewing Americans on the street and convincing them to agree with ridiculous statements about Canada. The intent was to satirise American ignorance of its neighbour and the world in general. Examples included:

-Persuading Americans to congratulate Canada on adopting the twenty-four-hour day,
-Congratulating the Canadian government on building a dome over its "national igloo" (apparently a downsized version of the United States Capitol) to protect it from global warming,
-Asking Harvard students and professors to sign a petition asking Canadians to discontinue the practice of abandoning the elderly on ice floes.
-Asking presidential candidate George W. Bush – who had previously stated that "you can't stump me on world leaders" – for his reaction to an endorsement by Canadian Prime Minister "Jean Poutine". Bush responded diplomatically and said he looked forward to working together with his future counterpart to the north. However, the prime minister's name at the time was Jean Chr├ętien; poutine is in fact a French-Canadian fast food dish of french fries, gravy and cheese curd. Also, Chr├ętien had not endorsed any candidate at the time.

Anyways, we don't live in igloos, but my walk today, which planted the seed for this post, could almost convince you we do. Mind you, this is the middle of October! This is the same park I featured in a previous, fall-time post: (Oh crap, I forgot to change the settings on my camera..these are taking a while to upload)

Does this or does it not look like a giant toothbrush???
You wouldn't catch me wading in there for a drink!!
The waterfalls aren't quite frozen yet, but they will be soon!
We left our marks (although as you can see I wasn't wearing my winter boots yet)
The leaves aren't even off the trees yet, in fact, some are still green!

Tim Horton's was great after the chilly walk, although I took this picture because it really looked like all 4 vehicles were attached to each other...ANd I knew that really couldn't be!


  1. I wonder, can you get a sub-prime mortgage on an igloo?

  2. YIKES.....snow....I hate snow !
    funny living in wisconsin I can say such a thing !

    and YES...that is a giant toothbrush
    and I see a heart in the water fall photo

    thanks for sharing...I'll compare notes with you soon enough :(

  3. I love the giant toothbrush! It is hard to think of having snow on the ground already. One of these days I want to see your beautiful country. (Guess I am going to need a passport now!)

  4. Great rule of thirds - my favorite is the empty park bench and the frozen landscape. I love your dog - what a beautiful face. I would love to visit Canada one day - it is on my wish list to visit. Can you believe it - I have never seen the snow and just would love too.

  5. It seems to me the world is a bit upside down. Remember the snow we had last year I visit...were was Spring then? And what happend to the Fall this year? But .... I love the pics you put on here. Looks great to me.

    And honey get me a big French Vanilla at Tim Hortons please!!!!

  6. the giant toothbrush - LOL

    LOVE snow... probably because i hardly ever get to experience it.

  7. The waterfalls freeze? Now THAT'S cold! I love the mix of snow and green. Very nice.

  8. your photographs are lovely ...I find that folks usually have misconceptions about Texas as well...probably all areas have that issue.

  9. Simply breathtaking. I can't say I'm looking forward to winter in any sense of the word, but I do love to "see" it elsewhere (I know -- I'll be seeing it in my own backyard soon enough!). Beautiful photos and your dog is just wonderful! (And you won't find me mocking Canada -- I just love it!)

  10. I have been to Canada many times, and I'm still learning about it. But the poutine thing makes me laugh. My hubby's family is part French, so I know what this dish is (it's wonderful!) and would have hesitated when hearing that.

    No snow here yet, but soon...

    And yeah, I was at a Tim Horton's eons ago too! :)