Monday, October 5, 2009

Mugs & Memories

Be honest...the title caught your eye, didn't it?

What's more comfortable on a cold winter's day than being wrapped up in a blankie sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace? So quitessentially comforting. In theory. Personally, when I come in from the cold & snow, into a warm house, I generally want to rip all my clothes off & lie on the bed until my body, with its annoying tendancy to "hot flash", becomes accustomed to the indoor temperature. But that's just me.

Mugs represent friendship.
My dear friend Fran gave me this one year at Christmas, filled with her homemade spiced nuts.

Sharing a mug of coffee over the kitchen table with a friend, pouring out your woes to each other. Or when in an uncomfortable situation with another person, say, a counsellor, or a stranger you've agreed to meet for a particular reason, a mug gives you something to do with your hands, and eases some of the discomfort.

My friend Dianna gave me this one filled with flowers once during a hard time to cheer me up.

Mugs are great reminders of places you've been, people you used to know, times you've had together.
This is bought when I was 14 and spent a few weeks at a dairy farm on Vancouver Island.

These were given to me on my 16th birthday as a start to my "Hope Chest" by my Uncle Mac & Aunt Gladys, who weren't really my aunt & uncle, but close family friends. They've both passed on now. These are my favourite mugs.

This was given to me by old family friends whom we've lost contact with, Denis & Kathy.

This was a mother's day gift when the boys were little,

And this was from this past mother's day.

It brings strangers at a resort together, bridges the gap & creates a sense of familiarity.

This I bought last summer at Silverstar Mountain resort in Vernon where we spent a weekend in luxury.

You can talk for hours with a dear friend (or a cousin you only see once every year or two!)in a coffee shop, preferably one that offers free refills.

Mug: noun "A drinking vessel, usually cylindrical with a hnadle and no saucer.
Enjoy your mugga coffe today!


  1. oh had snow already ??
    YIKES...I am SO not ready for that either !!

    and soon I will be living out of mugs, too....soup, tea, hot chocolate...anything to fit of winter when it gets here !!

  2. I love your mugs of memories!

  3. Oh You, send over my ticket and I'll be flying in today!!! Or you come over here once and drink my coffee at my table....Miss you even more when I see the Tim Hortons mug. Have one on me tomorrow. Sweet choco hugs from me to you.
    Oh and NEWS FlASH I'll be coming over next spring FOR SURE!!! XXX

  4. What a delightful post! I have so many mugs past their prime, but I just can't get rid of them And that's for all the reasons you said -- memories of trips, friends or something I plain loved! I pulled out one late night for a cup of tea -- it's getting cold and wet here, now! (You can learn more about Sondheim on my blog!)