Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forever More


Mrs. E, at Easy Street, is a teacher and has handed out an assignment...a short list or essay on the simple things in life, the things we enjoy & would miss if we were to die.

So here's mine:

"If today were my last day,
And tomorrow was too late
Would I say good-bye to yesterday?"

What would I say good-bye to?
What would I miss?

The pleasure of seeing others smile, even more being the cause of their smile.

A nice hot cup of tea in the evenings,
And an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a summer afternoon.

The pleasure of reading, the pleasure of crafting
The pleasure of learning.

Hot candlelit bubble baths in a deep tub,
Singing in the shower.

Walks in the hot summer nights, in the crisp scent of fall,
In the briliantly blue winter skies, and in the promising renewal of spring.

Feeling a cat sleeping on my legs, seeing a dog ecstatic to see me, and hearing the never-ending chirp of birds.

The ability to use all my senses, to see unlimited shades of colours, to smell freshly cut sawdust, to hear the quietness of falling snow, to taste riches like chocolate, cheescake, and fuzzy pork chops, and to feel the warmth of my husband's skin next to mine.

There is so much I would have to say good-bye to, so much I must appreciate time & time again
Forever more.
credit here

(the first 3 lines are from a Green Day I think, the whole song would be perfect for the occasion)


  1. You've said it all here Joyce. Great pics accomplishing the thoughts. We're given so much arn't we? Talk soon. Hugs from this part of the word to you, love you lots.

  2. This beautiful post is full of love and gratitude. You work with all your senses and are aware of the details making up your life. Now I'm ready to start my day—aware and alive after reading your words.

  3. I am so glad I did mine before reading all the others...I feel so inadequate. This is so moving. Thank you.

  4. Being grateful is a wonderful thing to be - your post was heartfelt. I love the images too - the dove is beautiful

  5. Oh yes, the ability to use all of my senses. I love this post.

  6. Oh no, this makes me want to cry :) Very touching and thought provoking!

  7. Some things are priceless ... just priceless!

  8. This is beautiful -- so thoughtful. And it all works -- your graphics, your words, the whole idea. How I love to visit here!

  9. Beautiful!! And your pictures add so much.