Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mother's Curse

If men are indeed from Mars, and women are indeed from Venus, then teenagers surely are from another galaxy altogether.

This is my son, one of my favourite pictures of him.
He was so carefree, filled with laughter, love, cuddles, but yes, with a streak of the devil and the beginnings of being a handful even back then. But you never met a more cuddly little gaffer.

He cuddliness lasted a long time, past the age of most boys. And I revelled in it, knowing it would soon end. His gift of cuddliness outshadowed the times we wanted to a Homer Simpson act & strangle him.

This is him now, in a good moment. They are few & far between. What is it with teenagers? My older one went through some nasty times, still does, but nothing like his darling little brother. My mom says he takes after me. She doesn't hesitate to remind me of the times I made life miserable for her. She says well, now you know how I felt.

Yesterday he was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. He has watched all 3 of them so many times he has the whole movie memorized, and when he thinks no one is watching he walks around like Captain Jack Sparrow...if you've never seen the movie you don't know what I mean, but if you know Johnny Depp at all, you may be able to imagine. Anyways, he was watching it and had calmed down a bit towards me from earlier. Enough to allow a tiny bit of civil conversation bewtween us. On the show they were talking about "The Curse". I said to him:

"All mothers have the capability of laying one curse on their child during his lifetime. I am laying my curse on you curse is that if you have children of your own, they will be exactly like you!"

This is the word of the mother.



  1. LOL what a great post, and I love the quote! As a mom to be, I'll have to keep this one in mind. Your son is adorable, too :)

  2. What a cute guy! I'll bet he's a charmer. You certainly have your work cut out for you. God bless you both. Amen.

  3. Great post! And that curse is the ultimate payback! By the way, I have a theory about 2nd children of the same sex...ornery and obstinate! It is almost always true no matter what the gender!

  4. Oh are crying the cry of the mother. I have cried it, and am living the other end:). My dear, darling daughter, who I love more than life, is now raising the payback. It's strange. I always thought it would have to be another daughter...but a son works, as well! And you know what, I love him dearly too. Take deep breaths, and remember there is an end to this tunnel. Be patient, and take breaks! Allow yourself to take a break and have some fun. It's fabulous!

  5. Great post! Oh boy, is this what I have to look forward to with 2 boys of my own? I love that you gave him the curse, lol! I'll have to remember that!

  6. mine is a handful too !!
    and oh help me if it's because he's just like me....

    and as far as another are SO right about that !

  7. My Dad used to say that when my daughter was born it was Karma. I certainly dont think she is as hard work as I was at that age - so maybe I have escaped slightly. Boys are beautiful - mine is only little - I dread the day he "turns".

  8. Oh my Joyce, I've got tears welling in my eyes. I love your Trevor so so very much. Miss him too. And yes he's just like you (only a little bit more boy version) SMILE... Love these pics and guess what he didn't change a bit from the first one till now. Hugs to him and Jeremy too.