Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three hours I'll never get back

I aplogize to you and me for disappearing over the last week. One of those break from blog times.
When I logged on this morning, I did not intend to spend so much time, in fact, any time, rearranging my blog. But it looked too summery, with the blue colour scheme & bathing suit picture.

Oh well, it is what it is.

How do you like my "new look"? It still needs some finishing touches, like unblurring the header photo (How do I do that without making it smaller?), but its getting there. I notice I still don't have the option of "centering" my text as I'd like to.

The Russell Fences are typical for my neck of the woods, I always like them. I think it was an ingenious way to build fences without tools. And this picture is from last year, most every year it looks like that in the fall, but this year, with the unseasonably warm early fall and then the drop to -15C within two days, the leaves basically turned black & died on the trees, and have only now fallen down. Makes me wonder what kind of suprises Mother Nature has in store for us this winter!


  1. Oh Joyce, you've did it. To add the pics larger just change your width and height in flickr up to 800 and about 600 (to make not to look stretchy) but stay in the large picture when you do this and things will turn out fine.
    Now I've got this question for you, how on earth did you get this layout in the back I can't seem to figure this one out....grrr.

    Love the header picture tooooo much. Hugs my friend.

  2. I love the new look....and dagmar has you on the right path for your header....

    and focusing....well, it all depends on what kind of camera you use....

  3. I LOVE this new look! So beautiful and perfect for the season! Happy fall!

  4. How appropriate for your season - love the Autumn colours. You are very artistic - love the new you!!

  5. Your new look is terrific -- very autumnal and will go well through the harvest season. Nice photo, too. Four star!