Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Kids & Questions

We all know kids have the knack of asking the wierdest questions that require the most inventive answers. Note to parents with young children.....WRITE THEM DOWN! Because you won't remember them.

My 15 year old asked me one yesterday though, that was one for the record book. We had our dog neutered yesterday, and he was full of empathy for the dog & wondered if he knew what had happened, if he felt different now that he was a "eunich", etc.

Then he asked.."What do they do with the balls after they cut them off?"
I almost choked on my coffee. I told him they put them in jars & pickled them. He didn't fall for it.

So, if anyone knows what they do with dog balls.....let me know!
(I put J's picture because I couldn't find one of T looking "inquisitive" in a rush)


  1. I do Trevor but I ant telling you by blog. Keep you a bit more in suspense.

    Hey you mom....why did you put up a picture of Jeremy with Trevors story?? Or am I a mixup here???? Hope not.
    Oh and you made me laugh out loud real hard, now I have to tell my boys about this one....uggghrrr...Thanks a lot. I'll bet you're having a laugh right now hey.

  2. Oh, I love that one! I'm laughing like crazy!

  3. Thank your son for the big laugh - I almost spurted out my coffee!

    And Joyce - loving your new profile picture - the leaf is stunning!

  4. This is probably the most precious thing I've ever heard—right out of the mouths of babes. Thanks for sharing, and if you find out what they do with the balls, please let us know.:)

  5. I never considered this question before. Now, like T, and the rest of the blogging world, I would love to know. Very funny!