Saturday, June 6, 2009

Climb Out of the Hole

Today I have to get my ass in gear,
Climb out of the hole I've been hiding in.

There's things I have to do;
Clean the van, shampoo the carpet, laundry,
go to town, yard work, finish making the
silly card that's taking me way too long,
and other odds & ends.

I may not get them all done,
But I have to make an effort
Get back to the good me,
And bury the bad me.

For now anyways.


  1. i think we all know this feeling. the hole and the need to get out settles over everyone.

    hope the list has a few items ticked off...

  2. I love this photo...and have my own list of things to climb out of the hole and do! Maybe tomorrow:).

  3. Hey you, need to kick some ass? I'll be gladd coming over and do so. ;-) But I'm in that same who will be kicking who? Hope youre doing better. I am thanks to your sweet words.

    Oh and I'm gonna ask Mac if he was in your dream too.

  4. I can relate. It's too easy to sit here and read and write and think.
    and then click a mouse button and do it all over again. I have neglected so much work around here and my butt is getting big too! UGH
    I am the one who needs some one to kick my ass!!
    But there are days, aren't there where it just feels right and ya feel like doing something around the house? Boy, I try to make the most of those days!

  5. I know how it is. I've been bad too. I'm supposed to be working on a freelance job right now, but what am I doing? Blogging!