Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teenagers ('Nuff Said)

This is my youngest when he was still a sweet little darling.
People would say...boy, he's sure got devilish eyes,
gonna cause a lot of trouble when he's a teenager!
And I would be proud and say...yeah, I'm sure he will!

He would pull all the tape out of cassettes,
Empty my paint bottles on the floor
Take books away from his older brother
All in the name of fun.
He even fell through a floor vent from upstairs
and landed on the couch beside me.
Somewhere I have pictures.

Now he's that teenager.
He's 14.
I should've bought stock in "Nice 'n Easy" hair colour,
Cause man, I'm getting gray!
And his dad is totally bald.
He has retained his love for cuddles,
He can be my little sweetheart,
Hold my hand on the couch together,
Lets me tuck him in at night,
Looks to me for reassurance that all is well
When he's in the mood.

Last night, he was in a different mood altogether
I would gladly have posted him on EBay
Sell to the highest bidder
Hell, to the first bidder!
Is this payback for my teen years?
Surely I wasn't that bad??
Was I Mom?


  1. Boy, can I relate to you. My husband gave our 18 year old son the ultimatum last night - "talk to your mother like that again, and you can hit the door". It truly seems that he is going backwards instead of maturing. What can you do, but keep giving him another chance. The Lord has sure given me many second chances. Good luck with your youngest.

  2. I can never get enough of baby pictures! I have a nine year old, soon to be ten... I pray for patience... and strength. :)

  3. Oh yea Joyce you were. Did we fight as much fun as we had? He really is like you. That makes me frighten though, because Mac is just like Trevor...oh boy. I'm rolling my sleeves up already to get the job done. And grey you said....aaaauuuuuuggggghhhhh.
    I so do remember the time when he was little and we were at your place. Sigh.

  4. i have some years to go before the teens hit. god, give me strength!!! :)

  5. at 17, I'm ready to sell mine to the highest bidder...oh, they can be a handful !!!

    {and the messy that I sleep on an orthopedic pillow, I don't move at all}

  6. Fun!!! Joyce, I'm just getting around to honoring your request for that post card and I can't locate your snail mail address. Would you be a dear and email it to me again?


  7. LOL gotta love those teen years! Your son sounds a lot like my little brother and how he was as a youngster. But he has turned out just fine (he's 24 now), although he also gave my parents gray hair!

  8. Patience. It only gets better. Smiles.

  9. This made me smile! In sympathy. I don't have children but two younger brothers and cousins galore, and I remember this well! The only good thing about this stage is that they seems to grow out of it at some point...

  10. Yes teenagers are trying - sometimes silence is the best answer when dealing with a teenager (this upsets my daughter more - and that gives me some sort of perverse pleasure when she is being difficult). Have a good weekend :)

  11. Hey sweety, help me out here. I can't find Trev on Ebay, and I wanted to buy him desperatly. So if you still didn't find a buyer please hand him over to me. ;-)