Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's List-Time

I think I have to accept it
I'm getting old(er)
My mind is no longer "tarp as a shack"
And I have to start making....
Wait for it.......


It seems that wherever I go, whatever I do,
I forget things
My husband says...make a list
My mother says...write it down
My sons say....you're getting old
(thanks, I needed that)

Even this blog,
I had a wonderful idea yesterday
I was going to write it down
But I thought...
No, that one's to good to forget
I'll remember it for sure
But, I can't remember what it was.

I tried picture/word association
There was something I needed to tell my hubby
And I had an image to associate it with him
So I wouldn't forget
But, I forgot.

Whenever I visit my mother for a few days
As she lives 500 km away,
She has lists everywhere
Post-its, scraps of coloured paper, fancy notepads
And I would think
Can't you remember anything??
She wasn't ashamed of it
I would never have to do that!!

As usual, mom knew best
And as I was searching through Flickr for the perfect photo,
(because my camera is still out for repairs)
And by the way, I really wish I knew how to write
"click here", and the here would be underlined
to credit the photographer,(http://www.flickr.com/photos/28307215@N07/2811807545/)
I found this photo
It was not my first choice,
The first two were protected
But this one...I looked at it further
And I thought...
If I have to makes lists,
they're going to be all in one book
they're going to be creative
And one day I'll look at them with my sons
And they'll say....
Sheesh mom, can't you remember anything?


  1. I'm a list person too...
    I make lists to remind me to make lists for what ever is coming up next :)

    and don't worry about holding a conversation with a fellow blogger...we'd have loads of things to talk about !

  2. and I can tell you how to highlight a link so that it's clickable if you want me to...send me an email with a reminder and I'll walk you through it !!

  3. I am a list person who forgets to do the lists or forgets where I put the lists! It hit way too close to home for me!!!! LOL BETH will you send me those directions too???? Plllzzz

    Joyce, just tape paper all over the house and put a pencil behind your ear! LOL We are supposed to be like our mothers! Aren't we? :-)

  4. I laughed my way through your Ode To The List, a compelling volume you should consider publishing. A true-crime thriller, as the comedy between the list maker and the annoyed family and friends of the list maker are fodder for a comedic crime drama - don't you think? I only laugh because it's so true - I'm going to write down that idea for my next short story - if only I could find my paper and pencil....:)

  5. Love lists, seem to remember everything as a result lol!

    Lovely post.

  6. Oh Joyce, you've made me laugh real hard. I do the same thing. I've got colorful postis hanging just about everywere. And still I forget things. Yesterday I was in the store for grocerys and guess what, I even forgot my list to take along...ahggrrr.
    But eventualy we'll get there.

    And after all these years sitting down with the boys.... I'll bet they say, Gosh mom you were so very busy, were on earth did you find the time to spend with us doing crazy stuff. Ha!

  7. Oh how true it is - hilarious post. It is a wonder I can see my computer at work for post it notes.

  8. Lists... I never realised they were attached to an age grouping? ; ) I have been making them since I learned to write my name. I do appreciate your sense of humour.

  9. i am all about lists! they make my life so much simpler. like claire, i've been making lists all my life :)

  10. This is perfect! I know exactly what you mean about having a fabulous idea YESTERDAY!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm trying hard to catch up and will be a more regular reader in a few days when I get my groove back.

    You asked about pre-posting. On blogger, under where you type your post, there is a box called "post options". You can schedule a post by changing the date so it appears the date you would like it to come out. If you forget to do this (but prep it earlier and save), when you hit publish, it will print at the date of the "save" (which could be underneath more current posts.) If you have questions, just email me from my profile page!

  11. This made me smile. Like others here, I too am a long-time list maker, have been for as long as I have been able to write...

    Sorry my tips on linking didn't work. I don't know how else to explain it. Perhaps Beth will be able to help.