Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introducing .......

I thought my days of babysitting, getting up at all hours of the night, and toilet training were over.
I'm a sucker for punishment I guess, but who can resist an adorable little guy like this?
When the only name perfect for him pops into your head before you even ask yourself for ideas?
When his giant paws are way out of propration with the rest of him?
Not me, I guess.
He was just too cute.

Exploring his world
Doing the shuffle
Sharpening his teeth (which don't really need sharpening!)

Having a scratch,
and a much needed snooze!


  1. he is just the sweetest thing EVER !

  2. Absolutely fabulous! I love puppies, and have always had one. Enjoy!

  3. I swore I'd never get another dog when my last two died because I thought I was finally free of taking care of everyone.Sure enough, within a year I had a brand new little guy and he is the joy of my life. We may say we're suckers for punishment, but you and I both know they own our hearts. He's adorable! Lucky you!

  4. Ooooaaawwwwhhh he's SO CUTE! What type of dog is it? Oh I wished I could've been there and play with him. Will he stay outdoors like Dusty? I've got so many soon.

    And thanks for your comment on my post lately. I'll guess this comes just flowing out of me, since my head was so very very busy with little Mac. This is time for just me.
    Hugs big time and keep those pics comming please.

  5. Monty is so cute, there's a lot going on behind those handsome eyes, a lot of fun and trouble!

  6. Oh too cute - nothing like a puppy in the house to make the house feel like a home - enjoy!!!

  7. Sound like a lot of work - but no doubt you enjoy him so much more!

  8. OMG, he is absolutely adorable! I love puppies! You must be having a blast with him. I always think I'm not going to go through the work of having one, but when the time comes to get a new furry friend, I'm always drawn back to the little cute ones, lol.

  9. Adorable, and fuzzy and loving - nope, no way to resist.

  10. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I am thrilled to meet you and find your lovely blog! I was just scrolling down and HAD TO STOP here! What an adorable guy! Keep posting pics, he is too cute!
    (PS I just posted a giveaway I am doing on my blog, so come on by! :)