Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing to Say

I have absolutely no inspiration
But feel I must write something
Its been days since I last posted

They've been good days,
Make no mistake.
Work, play, relax, & sometimes sleep

Weather's been great,
Hot & sunny till midafternoon,
Then clouds & thunderstroms with rain every evening
Blowing over through the night
Sunny again in the morning

I need to send my camera in for repairs...
How will I survive a couple weeks without it?

Have been trying to fill it up with pictures,
things to write about,
Tried to take a little walk through our property last night with Monty
But the pictures are blurred,
mosquitos swarming over me with every 5 second stop
they need a lot of editing,
which I don't have time for right now.

Must work, must work, deadlines, must work
Time will come later.
This has taken too long
And write, I will
But not today.

(ps, these pics except for the koolaid guy came from flickr)


  1. oh no...can the camera store give you a loaner ?
    how can you breathe without it?...I know I wouldn't be able to at all...they'd have to give me an inhaler, as I would have a breathing episode for sure without my camera !!!

  2. oh, I so dread those low inspiration days! it will lift though...I just hope your camera is back when it does!

  3. NO CAMERA FOR A FEW DAYS? A-w-w-w-w. I've been pretty lazy these last few days, too. Sometimes we just a rest. Never fear, though. Inspiration is always cooking just below the surface.

  4. I can't imagine being without my camera. That's probably why I have more than one:). Always a back-up. We have nice SLR's, but also each have a small digital which fits in pockets/purses. We have grabbed some wonderful shots with them, and have been very glad to have them. I love the photos you used to illustrate your lack of inspiration. I understand. One of my writing projects has been simmering...simmering...but not boiling. I need to apply myself to the chair, with superglue!

  5. i am on the look out for a new camera. would be dreadful not be without one!

  6. Inspiration comes in all forms - I sometimes wake up thinking -mmmm what will I write about today - then by the afternoon something has happened and a blog is created.

  7. Just had the same feeling today Joyce. Yesterday wasn't a good day for taking pics. So I digged into what I had in store. Then all of a sudden I found these (check my blog). So sometimes inspiration is just given to you when you have a lack of it.

    Femke is coming to have lunch with us in about 30 min. so I have to hurry. Do ask the store for a replace. But love these pics too. Be well, be lazy, just hangin in there cool... Love yea big times. Miss you even more.