Thursday, June 25, 2009

Track of No Return

I like trains, which is a good thing.

I live really really close to the tracks,
a fact which the realtor who showed us the place,
6 years ago,
did not disclose.

In the morning's wee hours we'd hear it
It woke us up every time.
And we said....
Things not fit to print.

But I digress

Have you ever wanted to just hop onto a flat car
as it swooshed by you, (it's quicker than it looks)
Just to see where it would take you?
Me too.
Where would I end up?
Where is the end of the line?
Would I even still be in my own province,
in my own country?
And how long would it take?

But, I suppose,
ignoring the fact that it's probably illegal,
it's also not the responsible thing to do
A parent,
I suppose, must be responsible
at least some of the time.

But I can imagine.
Maybe it would be a good theme for a book,
or another item to add to my
"things to do before I kick the bucket"
bucket list
For now, I guess I'll just walk.


  1. yes i have done that. its amazing the sense of freedom that it gives.

  2. Oh I wanna do that together with you. Next spring? How much fun we would have. :-( but yes how irresponsible would we be...?

  3. I have wanted to "run away" - have a big adventure - but I don't think I've thought about jumping a train. But I have stood on the tracks and looked down that long line...and wondered.

    Definitely a book idea!