Tuesday, June 23, 2009

His bike

My son, like most boys, has always loved his bike. So today, this post is about him. It may not be interesting or inspiring to you, but, this is a journal of sorts that I would eventually like to print for myself, and it's important to me. So bear with me for today.
Today he had to sell his most prized possession:

He saved his wages for a year to buy this bike, finally, in the spring he was able to. He was so proud of it, the first time he had been able to get a brand new bike, as these types of bikes are extrememly expensive. It's specially made for jumping. He was able to take it to "The Bike Ranch", a popular place for teenagers to hang out & practice their jumps in Kamloops, one time, then the following weekend he had a terrible accident which resulted in no more of that type of biking for him. He finally accepted that he should probably sell his bike.

I feel so bad for him, it hurts my soul. My son, I love you.


  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you both. To you, as a mom who suffers when your child suffers and to him because he is giving up something he loves.

    I hope he finds another, wonderful outlet both inspiring and thrilling!

  2. Oh this is sad! For both of you. How incredibly brave of him to acknowledge that it's time to move on though... And who knows what other loves await him?

  3. Can he just "ride" like a regular biker, on paths and straight roads? My son had a terrible accident when he was younger. I do have empathy for you all!

  4. "It might not be interesting or inspiring", you said. This is a very compelling post. To me its both of those things.

  5. Hi sweetie, don't feel sad, because now I'm feeling sad too. But yes I know...it hurts. I'll be thinking of you, both.

  6. Thinking of you both, and the passages children take as they find their way. And the passages we, as parents, take walking with them. Peace.