Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coffee - My morning staple!

I have a coffee conflict:

I was cleaning out my "over the stove" cupboard, and found 3 opened jars of no-name instant coffee. And one half empty container of yummy Tim Horton's Fine Grind. What to do?

The practical side of me says..use up some of that instant, at least get down to one jar. The self indulgent side of me says...toss the instant, at least two jars of it. (It is handy for camping.)

Well, in this instant, which is a rarity, my practical side won, and I am now enjoying a cup of instant. I don't actually mind the taste, but it's not coffee. Its like a totally different substance, like comparing juice with pop, (or soda, as you americans call it). They're both good, but each has its place.

As my Opa sang "Koffie, koffie, lekker bakje koffie, jongens wat is dat een feest"
Here's to you Opa!


  1. I agree. Starbucks instant isn't bad, but why drink that when I have beans on hand? You gotta grit your teeth and drink instant sometimes, but the convenience can't be beat :)

  2. Oh gosh I'm totaly in tears. Please Joyce can you send me Opa's picture. How did you got it on in the first place did you scan it? He got me of guard and I'm weeping like it was yesterday again. I miss him so very much, just as I know you do. De klootzak, oh meneer klootzak. ;-)

    He sure did like his coffee, guess we inherited that from him. I'm gonna make myself a nice cup of Tim Hortons (still have just a little left from what you've send me, so please do send some more soon) and we'll be havin a cup together my friend.
    Miss you even more now...snif

  3. I feel a little like an intruder here, but I do have to say that Opa was a handsome man. He looks so kind.

    We are true kindred spirits when it comes to coffee. Instant just doesn't cut it for me. In fact, I'll grab a Coca Cola before a cup of instant. But coffee—now THERE'S a drink to be reckoned with. Love it! I also love your creative use of photos.

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker, but oh -- I do love that smell!

  5. Coincidentally I ran out of beans this morning, so I treated myself to one from the cafe. Coffee is the last thing that I would give up.

  6. I am not a big coffee drinker but I would happily put beans on to roast every morning. The smell is so welcoming...

    Memories of grandparents are just amazing!

  7. Hi Joyce - first time I have visited your site - loved the photo of your Opa - he is similar looking to my Poppa - he was German and had very similar characteristics. The irony of this is that I have just ground some beans and enjoyed my evening cuppa - I appreciate it even more now after reading you blog :)