Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Other Side of Nature

nature doesn't live forever
its mortal, just like we
there can be beauty in its remains,
food for thought
images to capture

now i don't mean to be depressing
or discouraging

that wasn't my intention

this stump caught my eye though
its been here longer than i have
i've walked or driven past it hundreds of times
never gave it a second glance

just now, on my way to a different mindset of photos
i passed it, had to climb through the bush over and around it
and i thought


  1. What I love about this series of photos is that it shows the disintegration of life; how the stump reconnects to the earth. Look at the beautiful shape it forms. Magnificent!

  2. What a great way to highlight nature's fragility. Yes, the tree was old and had served it's living "purpose," but it's so sad to see the old trees go. I do take comfort in the continued life it has in it's decomposition stage. A purpose for everything under Heaven....

  3. Yes this is what taking pictures is all about. Seeing things in a different way. And isn't it wonderful. I'm glewed on my lens it seems.

  4. Taking photographs makes you notice so much more - I think you become very connected with nature - and I have found that such a blessing.