Friday, July 3, 2009


Do you ever hear about an idea
any idea at all
and think, I want to do that!!

Or read about something
that looks like so much fun,
so interesting
and immerse yourself in finding out
all you can
so you can do it too?

I'm like that
I have so many projects,
yet to begin, on the go,
not so many completed projects.

There's just so much I want to do..
Even as I write this,
I look at that first picture and think
how cool is that....
a string of lights,
one for each idea!

I was reading the "Idiot's Guide to Scrapbooking
I'm not really an idiot
(in that regard anyways)
but I was looking for new ideas.
I got so many ideas....
I can't wait for weekend.

But I also want to make
three cross-stitch stockings
by christmas
I'm only just now finishing one
and the year is half over

I want to paint the garage,
Cream with a silhouette mural of a
forest scene on the doors

I want to take down our old TV antenna
And turn it into a flagpole,
with a little circular garden around it
That was supposed to be done by Canada Day!

I want to make a book of all the cards we got
when our sons were born...
eons ago!

I have half a dozen manuscripts begun
I really want to publish a book.

And there's all the knitting projects
I want to make.

I sure hope I live to be 100
And be able to say
I did it all..
And I did it...
My Way!


  1. Oh my goodness, your list looks like mine! I join you with the knitting and publishing goals, as well as catch up on scrapping. The flagpole is out, but the garden is a wish away. I do love the string of lights, and was thinking they might be perfect on the camper...we used to have. So much to do and such little time to do it in! Oh yes...I am selling the last bit of cross-stitch I have as my eyes just can't do it any more. Bugger!

  2. Ditto!

    Seriously, I have dozens of unfinished paintings, needlepoint canvas, stories, (the poems I do manage to eventually complete). I called a halt to scrap booking and beading before I got to far into them because I ran out of room in my craft space. It's fun, though, isn't it? At least we have a lot to live for!

  3. So many things to do - so little time to do them. I look forward to the day when I can finally get to all of those little unfinished things. One day :)

  4. oh, i can relate so well to this! never tried knitting (not so much need for woollen stuff in this part fo the world!) but have so many unfinished craft, sewing and artwork projects! not to mention DIY and gardening.

  5. Oh you all...I'm so different. I do what I wanna do and that's it. Next project. Does that make me a lazy girl ;-) It's only my project involves flights to Canada and the US wich I don't have the money for right now, nor the time... Oh so that does come closer to all of you...this time issue.

    Hope you get all your projects done by the time your 100 sweetie.